Monday, December 7, 2009

Pot Limit Omaha/Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better Single Table Sit N Go Tournaments

This past Saturday night at Chicago Charitable Games (event hosted by the VFW in Warrenville), Zeus followed by his friend the Driller orchestrated a $115 PLO/PLO8 Single Table Sit n Go Tournament.  It was a really fun tournament where we switched rounds between PLO (pot limit omaha) and PLO8 (pot limit omaha high low).  We started with $6,000 in chips, and the blinds went up every 15 minutes.  Omaha is one of those games where a ton of action takes place, and people are more inclined to play because...well you have four cards to justify your play, which translates to twice as many reasons to play a certain hand.

I am a big advocate of Omaha and all its variations (except NL Omaha).  This is the poker game of the future in my opinion.  It gives card players a lot more options, and it is a post flop game (than pre flop like in No Limit Holdem) with more strategy and odds to calculate than any other game in poker.  I also really like the action, in almost any hand of Omaha you can justify a pre-flop call...typically all omaha hands are relatively even pre flop (worst off you are looking at 60-40 against any opponent's hand...with some exceptions).  Pot Limit Omaha is the game of the future because it is fast moving and has tons of action for us action junkies and no foldem holdem players.  This translates to a younger range of poker players, as well as the online poker players joining in on the Omaha fun.  I have heard that switching from No Limit Holdem to Pot Limit Omaha is similar to switching from Live Poker to Playing on the Internet.  The internet players are used to playing two or three games at once, and never waiting very long.  At least with Omaha, there are more cards to look at and poker players get to play a lot more hands.

So the next time you are getting board with your same old poker game, try switching it up and going for an Omaha SNG or MTT.  Chicago Charitable Games will be offering some mixed game single and multi table tournaments such as:

  • HA (Pot Limit Holdem/half Pot Limit Omaha)
  • HO (NLH/PLO)
  • PLO/PLO8

Just so everyone knows here is a key for some of the poker games and what their acrynomns are:
  • PLO = pot limit omaha 
  • PLO8 = pot limit omaha 8 or better (high low)
  • 08 = limit omaha 8 or better 
  • NLH = no limit holdem 
  • LH = limit holdem 
  • HA = half pot limit holdem and half pot limit omaha (games switch every round or dealer orbit)
  • HO = half no limit holdem and half pot limit omaha 
  • HORSE = limit holdem, O8, Razz, Seven card stud, and Seven card stud 8 or better
  • HOSE = limit holdem, O8, Seven card stud, and Seven card stud 8 or better 


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