Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chicago Charitable Games Player of the Year Points List and South Side Poker Tour Points... What are they?

What are Chicago Charitable Games Player of the Year Points?
Player of the Year points are accumulated by playing in Multi-table tournaments and cashing (making the money).  When you win money in any CCG charity poker tournament you will give the tournament director your ID, he or she uses your ID to write down your name and give you player points.

What is the South Side Poker Tour or SSPT? 
The south side poker tour is abbreviated SSPT, and is a bi-yearly points list from the SSPT events in Tinley Park, IL.  How do you know if an event qualifies for a SSPT event?  Every event in Tinley Park (VFW, American Legion, Viking Lodge, and Eiche Turner Lodge) make up the South Side Poker Tour events.  A prize package of cash, tournament seats and CCG cash will be given away to the top winners on the SSPT points list.  Each year the SSPT is made up of events prior to July 4th and events after July 4th.  So from January 2010 to the end of June 2010 will consist of SSPT Season 4.   

How are player points determined?  
Now that you know how player points are won, how many are you winning?  Well, the player point algorithm takes into account the total number of players, the buy in of the charity poker tournament, and what place you finished.  Therefore, if you won the $20 Early Bird Tournament with 100 players in it, you would not receive as many player points as a person who won the $100 Deepstack with the same number of players.

Where can I check to see if I have player points?  
The player points are uploaded via a PDF file on the Chicago Charitable Games website ( for those of us who did not know) underneath the points list tab at the top of the website.  Once on the player points page you can click to download the PDF file which will have the player points listed and when they were last updated. The PDF file will include both Chicago Charitable Games player of the year points list, and South Side Poker Tour Points list.

What can I win if I am on top of the Player Points List? 
The Chicago Charitable Game Player of the Year points list is a year long points list, and at the end of each year a CCG Player FREEROLL will be scheduled.  The top 40 players in the CCG Player of the Year points list will qualify for the CCG Player FREEROLL.  Chicago Charitable Games will give away $500 in CCG Cash to the winners of the Player Freeroll. 
For the South Side Poker Tour, the winners will take home cash, prizes and tournament entry seats into major tournaments such as the W.S.O.P, HPT, and WPT.  The SSPT Season 3 winners will be splitting up over $2500 in cash and prizes.

How does the Player Freeroll work for the Chicago Charitable Games Player of the Year points list? 
The Freeroll will be announced at the end of the year and will be open to the top 40 players and 5 alternates.  The starting chips will be determined by where you are on the player points list.  For example:
  • 1st place finisher would start with 6000 in starting chips
  • 2nd place finisher would start with 5500
  • 3rd and 4th place finisher would start with 5000
  • 5th through 10th place would start with 4500
  • 11th through 20th place would start with 4000
  • 21st through 30th would start with 3500
  • 31st through 40th would start with 3000
This way everyone who qualifies for the Chicago Charitable Games Freeroll would have a chance at the $500 in CCG Cash, but the players who are farther up on the points list are at an advantage.

The 2010 year Chicago Charitable Games is also going to be giving away a player of the month prize to anyone who wins the most player points in any given month.  This way if you do not find Chicago Charitable Games until halfway through the year you still have a chance at becoming the player of the month.  Prizes will include Deepstack Tournament Seats, CCG Cash Prizes, CASH, and preferred seating in cash games, and several other promotions happening every month. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about my player points, or if I believe there has been a mistake? is your best place to ask about player points.  At the events there is not really any way for someone to help you with player points.  When you have a question about player points remember to specifically include the tournament you played in, what place you finished, and what the situation was.  This will help Chicago Charitable Games rectify the situation as quickly as possible.  As always if you have questions about Player of the Year Points please feel free to email me at or ask me at any of the events.  Please refrain from asking when I am yelling at another player, or running around like a mad man, or playing spades with friends :)  But 9 times out of 10 I am ready and able to answer all of your questions.

Happy New Year and Good Luck and no bad beats to all my favorite poker players, which happens to include myself!


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