As a poker player we all should want to get the most amount of hands as possible.  A dealer effects the game very much, and how fast the dealers can get those hands out to players and push those pots out really helps.  But there are lots of factors that players can control that will help speed up the game.

  • Using the largest denomination chips to call the blinds and bets while in the hand – when someone raises to $1000, use one orange chip, and not 5 black and 1 purple.  The dealer can’t burn the turn until the pot is correct, so the faster you can get your poker chips in the pot the faster the dealer can continue on with the hand. It never fails when you see poker players in the small and big blind call the blinds with the smallest denomination possible.  When the blinds are $25 and $50, then use those green chips for the blinds… But when the blinds are $300 – $600, don’t call the small blind in all $25 Green chips, and the big blind with a few black and a ton of green.  The reason for this is that it slows down the game, when players use the smallest denominations the dealers have to count more chips to ensure the pot is correct, and players take longer to count out bets when placing their bets.
  • Keep your poker chips in an orderly fashion – it is easier to count out bets when your chips are in stacks of 2o.  This way when a bet of $20,000 comes out you can easily count out your call, and you will not slow down the game when a player has to count out their chips to call or place a bet.
  • Pay attention when it is your turn to act – poker players are famous for when a big bet comes out, and everyone gets quite because there is a lot of action on a hand, everyone is waiting on pins and needles, and after a good 30 to 40 seconds the dealer says sir it is on you and the poker player responds with “oh is it on me, I fold”.  So make sure you do not space out until you have already checked your cards and you have folded, this will dramatically increase the amount of hands that you will get in each round.
These are just some of the ways that poker players can help keep their game going faster, so that we all can get more hands in an hour.  The more hands we all get in the more poker we get to play and the more we will learn in a shorter period of time.  If you have any questions no how to not be the slow player at the table please feel free to email for more information.
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